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VELLINGE - Höllviken - Falsterbo - Skanör - Västra Ingelstad - Östra Grevie

Every year, this Viking village arranges a new Battle of Foteviken. The participants of the organized training camp gather on the beach where the great battle originally stood on June 4, 1134Fotevikens Viking village is the ultimate place to visit for those who are interested in the Vikings and their way of living. The published photographs shows nature, landscape and more from Vellinge municipality. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.Since 2010 the Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged annually.Vellinge offer five different golf courses which all are very popular. Three of them surrounded by grand nature. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.

Västra Ingelstad (West Ingelstad)

Västra Ingelstad is another of the villages in Vellinge municipality where the famous Old Country Road goes through!. Today the road 101 passes just outside. The village has 750 inhabitants and has a long history and got a church in the 12th century. The first school was built in 1813.

Västra Ingelstad Station  
The "new" station was opened December 2015. Already in 1898 there was a railroad station and the station was called Månstorps until 1910 . Since then it was Västra Ingelstad until the railroad ended in 1973.
In just 8 minutes you reach Malmö, Svågertorp. And even better, if the people in Västra Ingelstad want to visit the beautiful neighboring village of Östra Grevie, the train takes only 3 minutes. In less than an hour you can be in the middle of central Copenhagen at Central Station.-

Västra Ingelstads Church is from the 12th century
Västra Ingelstads Church is beautifully situated on a hill. Is Romanesque and was already built in the 12th century. The first church was probably of wood. In the 13th century, the gun house was previously used as a guard room and for the supply of weapons in timed with no peace. The tower of today's version dates from 1894. A medieval altar cabinet, made in Antwerp in 1520 and a pulpit from the 17th century, are art treasures worth a visit..

Måntorps Scout Corps
Just outside of Västra Ingelstad, Månstorps Scout Corps nice club premises in an old farmhouse. Here are all welcome, boy or girl, regardless of religion and age - we have no sub´s bench!
Every year Månstorps Scoukår greets the spring time at Valborg (Eve of Walpurgis Mas) evening with songs, orcestra and a big bonfire. The evening starts with a torch parade that ends at the fairgrounds. In early June it is time for their annual flea market.

Västra Ingelstad Idrottssällskap (VIIS) / / Sports Club
One of Vellinge Municipality's most active sport clubs is Västra Ingelstads IS, which was founded in 1974.

With three sections. Football, Floorball and Gymnastics offers VIIS training for all ages. Largest is soccer with everything from minior to senior teams. And se there are teams both for both boys and girls. VIIS organizes three popular football cups Moonstone Crop, Jordholmen Cup and the Chicken Cup each year.