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VELLINGE - Höllviken - Falsterbo - Skanör - Västra Ingelstad - Östra Grevie

Fotevikens Viking village is the ultimate place to visit for those who are interested in the Vikings and their way of living. The published photographs shows nature, landscape and more from Vellinge municipality.Since 2010 the Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged annually.Vellinge offer five different golf courses which all are very popular. Three of them surrounded by grand nature.One of Sweden´s largets international sport events where Swedish and international rider elite compete in jumping and dressage.The oldest settlement in Skanör dates back to the 11th century. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.

About Vellinge Municipality

In Sweden's southwest corner, a few kilometers south of the Öresund Bridge and 15 kilometers south of Malmö, Vellinge municipality encompasses the central town of Vellinge, the historic towns Skanör and Falsterbo, and Höllviken, Ljunghusen and a number of smaller villages where Västra Ingelstad and East Grevie are the largest.

Since the municipality was formed in 1974, the number of inhabitants in Vellinge has increased and in January 2016 there was 34703 who lived here. Statistics Sweden examined last year what rating Vellinge residents give their municipality and got a high cut; 8.1, which is the highest among the more than 40 municipalities that participated in the survey.

Additionally, Vellinge was named the best school municipality in 2012 as well as in 2015. The business environment in the municipality is also top class. In 2013, it got a second place in the Swedish ranking and the year after a fifth place among 290 municipalities.

Vellinge is an attractive municipality for its residents as well as the over 800,000 tourists visiting us each year. Not least thanks to its fantastic location close to both sea and nature and close proximity to other parts of Skåne and the continent. Within thirty minutes you will reach Copenhagen Airport, the ferry link Germany-Poland, and the Skåne metropolitan areas of Malmö and Lund.

In total, the land area totals to 1453 square kilometers and consists of 63% farmland which carry an exciting story from the time Vellinge municipality also was a major viking stronghold. In the coastal areas there are heath ground, landscapes and amazing white sandy beaches with excellent bathing water.