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VELLINGE - Höllviken - Falsterbo - Skanör - Västra Ingelstad - Östra Grevie

Every year, this Viking village arranges a new Battle of Foteviken. The participants of the organized training camp gather on the beach where the great battle originally stood on June 4, 1134Fotevikens Viking village is the ultimate place to visit for those who are interested in the Vikings and their way of living. The published photographs shows nature, landscape and more from Vellinge municipality.Vellinge offer five different golf courses which all are very popular. Three of them surrounded by grand nature.One of Sweden´s largets international sport events where Swedish and international rider elite compete in jumping and dressage.The oldest settlement in Skanör dates back to the 11th century. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.

Golf clubs in Vellinge

If you want to combine the best of both worlds, such as superb golf courses and unique nature, Vellinge Municipality is the perfect place for you.

We offer five different golf courses, all of which are very popular and three of them are surrounded by magnificent scenery.

In Vellinge you can play golf in general all year round, since our winters are usually very mild, something that a great deal of Näset's residents make. Here it is more a rule than an exception that you meet like-minded with the golf cart in tow trains when you are on your way to your favorite course..

Falsterbo GK

Falsterbo GK can show pride in being Sweden's third oldest golf club. This traditional association was formed already in 1909 and has today about 1250 members. With such a long history there are, of course, several delights in the club's past. Among other things the year 1963 is remembered when the European Championship Championship was held in Falsterbo, and in the audience was no less than King Gustav VI Adolf, and in 1968, the golf champion Arnold Palmer appeared on Falsterbo GK's course for over 5,000 enthusiastic spectators!
Falsterbo Golf Club has hosted several major competitions over the years, including the international event, the Swedish PGA Championship


Flommens Golf club

Flommens Golf Club in Falsterbo is one of the few true links courses, beautifully situated in Flommens nature reserve on the Falsterbo peninsula.
The name comes from the shallow coastal lake, Flommen, which winds along fairways and greens, giving the course its special character.
The course was rebuilt in several stages, as more land was released to. In 1966 the course was extended to 18 holes, drawn by members Stig Kristersson and Stig Bergendorff.

In 2005, Flommens Golf Club celebrated 70 years. Some of the youngsters who joined the club in 1935 are still active golfers and club members!

The golf game in the club was already a game for ordinary people, a Scottish-born folk sport. The members were recruited from the locals, unlike the neighboring clubs. The club gradually became a precursor to the widening of the golf in Sweden.


Ljunghusens Golf Club

Just a few meters from Ljunghusen's golf courses, the waves of the Baltic Sea ripples against the shore and on the land the cows graze peacefully on Skanörs Ljung.

The beautiful surroundings of Ljunghusrm are, to say the least, unique in European golf facilities. The course is located in a nature reserve and borders to a large protected nature reserve. Several of the holes only have a few meters to the white sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea.

Ljunghusen Golf Club was founded in 1932 and became in 1965 first in the country to have 27 holes.


Söderslätts Golf Club

Here you can choose between being challenged by the fairly tough 18-hole facility, or work out on either a 9 hole short course, putting green, two chipping greens, driving range, field for own golf balls, or a hole for short iron and bunker games. Here the choices are many!

You play in the middle of the beautiful Skåne countryside, surrounded by arable land..


Vellinge Golf Course

The Club was founded in 1988, opened for play May 19, 1991 and is elected as a member of the Swedish Golf Federation.

Vellinge GK's inland course is slightly hilly, situated in the middle of the open Scanish landscape, and for those who are craving a challenge the ten holes that are affected by both water and wind are real grains of gold!