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Fotevikens Viking village is the ultimate place to visit for those who are interested in the Vikings and their way of living. The published photographs shows nature, landscape and more from Vellinge municipality. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.Since 2010 the Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged annually.We have four main beaches, all with their individual character. Not at least the beach cabins, which are located both in front of and behind the sandy dunes, has given the different beach areas their unique profile.The oldest settlement in Skanör dates back to the 11th century. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.

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Charming Skanör's history stretches as far back as the 1100s and during the Middle Ages, together with Falsterbo, it was one of the largest cities in the Nordic region with its more than 30,000 inhabitants. This glory days was due to the large amounts of herring that existed along the coasts, attracting fishermen and merchants from all over the world to the two cities. A number of half-timbered houses are preserved, one of the oldest churches in Scandinavia dating from the 12th century and a well-preserved beautiful old town hall.  

Skanör's harbour

Here you also find a harbor where impressive sailing boats lie on rails with smaller vessels. A popular harbor also for Danish and German sailors. It is also close to the picturesque "city center"! In addition to guest accommodations there are 165 permanent places where a red / green sign indicates whether the place is available. Vellinge municipality also invests extra hard in the coming years to make the port area even more attractive. Should you have difficulty getting hit to Skanör's port, the "address" is: N55 ° 25,0 'E12 ° 49,7'  

The new bath cabin "Badhytten"

Together with Falsterbo, Skanör is a classic seaside resort since the 19th century and on both sides of Skanör Harbor there are kilometers of long beaches with white crunchy sand. Therefore, it is better to strategically lay Badhytten (the bath cabin), Näset's new waterhole, at the marina and where Skanör's southern beach begins.  

The Herring market

Even today, herring is dear to the residens of Skanör; First weekend in July each year, The Herring market in Skanör's harbor takes place, a tradition since 1968. Here comes people from all over Scania to buy various delicacies from the sea or have a good lunch, including eel or herring burgers with mashed potatieson the menu. But all year round you can also buy freshly caught fish directly from one of the cabins down at the harbor.

The stronghold of geese

Skanör is also famous for the upholding of the Scandinavian food culture; Not least fried goose with sidecourses and "black soup" on St. Martin's Eve has made Skanörs Inn a must to visit to all goose lovers'. To illustrate the significance of the goose, it is celebrated every summer by the fact that a "goose girl" and "goose lad" herd geese in Skanör. These are then extra delicate at the end of the year when they have been herded all summer.  


Art galleries

The driving force for art in Falsterbo is Vellinge Kommuns Art Hall at Falsterbo Strandbad. Art Galleries in Falsterbo:

Galleri Fiskarstugan     

Galleri Källan     

Galleri Engleson   

 Wadström Tönnheim Gallery   
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